Thanks for your support this year. Here’s to 2020

Hi Team,

What a year 2019 has been for SapienHR. Tough, rewarding and exciting! My warm wishes to all of you at this wonderful time of the year, when we can reflect on the blessings of the current year with gratitude and can look forward to the upcoming year with renewed hope and commitment.

At SapienHR, our team comes to work every day driven to solve our customers’ most difficult hiring challenges and create real value. The milestones we’ve achieved have only been possible through the talent and hard work of the team.

We expanded the company in 2019, establishing a core non-technical team, hiring new marketing personnel, acquiring new clients, registering our new entity and constructing a new office. Having started as a vision among just two of us, SapienHR now consists of close to 25 people.

I love the team we have built and am grateful to every single member for what they do. As a growth stage company, our business model and focus have changed over the course of the year and this has required an adaptable mentality. We have all learned to be flexible and listen to feedback – throwing the ways of the corporate world out of the window – doing everything we can to pivot our strategy when needed, at the same time as maintaining a steady hand for our clients. The long hours, dedication and ideas have not gone unnoticed!

In late 2019, we announced plans to rebuild our business with the aim to create a new organization to respond to the demands of the evolving environment. We are working to eliminate inefficiencies and adopt a better structure and process. This involves streamlining our business functions, focusing mainly on digital technology hiring.

As part of the Kudroli Group, we are also constantly questioning in which sectors to strengthen our presence and in which to apply our expertise to develop future core businesses. We are fully committed to creating the optimum business portfolio at any given time.

We had a great start to 2019, but we are going to end the year with our feet on the ground, and the foundations in place to really focus on clients, revenue and profitability in 2020. Thank you again for choosing to be part of this journey with us. We look forward to working together for an even brighter future.

Ravi Krishnan
CEO, SapienHR Analytics

Author: SapienHR

Every recruitment company has its own speciality. Ours is sourcing and we’re passionate about how we solve technology recruitment challenges by securing rockstar talent for fast growing, emergent and disruptive technology companies. At SapienHR, we provide talent sourcing at the speed of automation. Recruiting is #1 on every company’s list. Being an employer, we all have gone through the pains of recruitment. Consultants, online portals, referrals, campus recruitment etc remained to be the resort for companies. Even though demand for quality candidates reached all time high, supply succumbed to the pains of recruitment. The thing that struck us was that these folks needed help implementing best practices and scaling them quickly. This has led to the launch of SapienHR. SapienHR uses proprietary software combined with expert human sourcing to find and engage the highest potential candidates, sending interested responses directly to recruiter’s inbox, saving you hours of time.We get a real kick out of utilising our network & technology to identify, pursue and secure the very best candidates out there.

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